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MYCOLOGOS produces high-quality educational materials that enable individuals and organizations to readily apply the arts and sciences of mycology throughout their lives and livelihoods.

In step with this mission and our broader vision, the following three values are the cornerstones upon which MYCOLOGOS rests. We strive to maintain the highest degree of integrity in all of our offerings and to respect your right to work with educators who take pride in their work while holding your best interests in mind. We are fulfilled by and thankful for our ability to work with you and thank you for your support as we fulfill our greatest motivations: to help you grow, to help the environment regenerate, and to help future generations thrive through the many benefits of working with fungi.

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Mushroom References – A Curated List of references relevant to Physicians, Scientists and the Intellectually Curious by Paul Stamets. This list is looking inside of mushroom and mycelium compounds for medicinal use from Agarikon to Cordyceps to Turkey Tail.
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Kevin J. Beiler was researching at University for Sustainbale Development (Eberswalde, Germany) about the interaction between ectomycorrhizal fungal species and Douglas-fir trees. The potential effects of mycorrhizal networks on facilitation or competition between plants are increasingly recognized, but their network topologies remain largely unknown. Beiler was visualising his research in a series of maps.
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Marine Fungi were the first fungi on the planet. Their research is underrepresented. Here in this research platform covering a wide range of topics around marine fungi.
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Growing Manual – Introduction to Fungi – growing documentation
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Growing Workshop by Sustain Lab – this documentation of a mycelium growing workshop is a regular event. Check updates according to Covid regulations.
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