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Soil Mycoremediation: A New, Native-Fungi Approach (2019) –This is a soil mycoremediation story wherein we find ourselves with two creosote sites that are at least 50 years old. We delve into the fungi on site, improve upon the go-to wood supplementing method, and find exciting mycoremediators among the Ascomycete fungi! We also reduce original contaminant loads by at least 90%! Lauren Czaplicki D’Antonio, PhD, is an environmental engineer, teacher, science communicator, and entrepreneur based out of Boulder, CO. She is passionate about finding ways to sustainably clean-up the environment and inspiring others to do so. She takes a genomic approach to identifying fungal communities and designs mycoremediation strategies based on what the communities need to degrade pollutants. Lauren is a past Duke Superfund trainee, Pratt School of Engineering Fellow, and Dean’s Graduate Fellow. She recently founded Science by Design, LLC, a company that brings together her two loves: mycoremediation and science communication. Science by Design moves mycoremediation projects forward and helps technologists design engaging science communication strategies. Her overall goal is to make mycoremediation, and more broadly, science, more accessible so that everyone can participate and benefit from it! Visit for all the latest on the Telluride Mushroom Festival.
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Radical Mycology:

Training a Mushroom to Remediate Cigarette Filters

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Training a Mushroom to Remediate Cigarette Filters – In this video, Peter McCoy of the Radical Mycology project shows how he trained the Pearl Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) to digest used cigarette filters. By slowly conditioning the mycelium of the mushroom to recognize first the filter material and then the chemicals within as a viable food, Peter was able to get the fungus to digest one of the world's most common pollutants.
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Bioremediation with fungi – this website shows the utilization of mycoremediation to reduce soil contamination: problems and solutions are discussed as well as hands-on projects are displayed. The organisation Fungi For the People offers courses on mushroom cultivation and permaculture applications, as well as selling mushroom cultures and medicinal extracts. For the past decade the founder Ja Schindler has been studying mycology, and has lived and worked on a progressive mushroom farm, as well as experimenting with remediation in small-scale industrial processes, human activity waste, asphalt degradation/removal, and soil contamination.
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